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About Us: Meet Our Family

Creative Director
Co-Product Manager
Delivery Girl

Island Style: Fairycore
Favorite Villager: Beau

Hi! I'm Kirsten and I am the original creator of ACNH Studio. I have always loved playing video games and was the #1 Rock Band singer during the first 2 years of it's release. I was also a world top ranking Priest in World of Warcraft. My brother and his fiancé Lauren got me Animal Crossing for my birthday and I haven't gone a day without playing it since. While I have played many other genres of games, I love that ACNH appeals to the creative type and acts as an outlet regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity/race to unleash their creative side. The possibilities are truly endless. I love visiting everyone's islands and seeing what they have created!

Gameplay Expert
Co-Product Manager
Delivery Girl

Island Style: Grecian
Favorite Villager: Marshal

Lauren is my soon to be sister-in-law and has been supportive of me starting this business from the start. She quickly jumped in and spent countless hours helping me put together bundles on the site. Thank you for helping me gather and organize content, inspire new ideas and being everyone's cheerleader. Thank you for your drive to move forward and extensive knowledge of flowers... and every other part of the game that I needed to learn because I was too busy decorating my house! 

Technical Support
Delivery Girl

Island Style: Servers Everywhere
Favorite Villager: Pekoe

Daisy is my sister and, like Lauren, has also been supportive from the start. She was so excited to help deliver in the early days when we sold on Etsy. Thank you for helping me put this website together and all the late night (or early morning) phone calls where I need to run something by you. I would not have been able to do this without you and I love you so much :)

Delivery Guy

Island Style: Contemporary
Favorite Villager: Raymond

Yep! It's my actual Dad! He is a man of few words as you may find if he is your assigned customer service rep. I was so delighted when he asked to join the team! He also went out of his way to put a frugal hat on in the fall and dress up as an astronaut for Halloween! He's well on his way to fashion week and I'm on the edge of my seat for the next big reveal.

Delivery Guy

Island Style: Zen
Favorite Villager: Beau

Devon is my boyfriend and while he chose to play Zelda over ACNH when I first started, he has since come over to the dark side! (or, extremely purple side if your island looks like mine!) He also has an amazing eye for interior design and has helped me work through every single design set I've made for the site (I always hate it halfway through and change at least 50% to reach the final result.) He is the most amazing boyfriend I could ask for, but Beau was definitely my favorite villager first!

Delivery Girl

Island Style: Cottagecore
Favorite Villager: Judy

Our newest delivery girl is Joan (Mom)! Just like Dad, yep, it's my actual Mom! She has literally never played another video game in her life, but picked ACNH up lickity split. She is the most creative person I know and I am constantly inspired by her stunning creations. I always hoped to own my own business like she does, and you all have made that dream a reality. Her pink-haired character is too adorable and I hope one day she will grace us with her own design set.

Delivery Girl

Island Style: Natural
Favorite Villager: Megan

Bella has been my roommate for years and she is basically a member of our family. Thank you for always believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. Thank you for continuing to push me when I wanted to give up. Thank you for talking to Orville more times than any person should with the rest of us :D We are so glad to have you on our team.

Delivery Girl

My Aunt Kathy passed away at age 36 on September 4, 2006. She was taken from us suddenly, a level 5 brain aneurysm with no signs or warnings. I wanted to find a way to honor her life through this business, so we created this character to do so. If you receive a delivery from her, it is either Mom or Dad. Thank you for all the kind messages we have received about her, including hearing other stories of tragedy. It is never easy to lose someone you love.


Island Style: Kitty Cats
Favorite Villager: Lolly

This is Bella-Boo, my 5 pound yorkie :) You'd be surprised how much attitude is packed in that little body! She doesn't do deliveries yet.

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Aww so sweet! One of our customers (Ash) made this lovely video featuring a delivery from our site! Thank you!

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