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Mermaid - DIY Recipes + Clothing + Materials

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Bundle Includes: All 15 Recipes & Clothing: Mermaid Fence, Mermaid Table, Mermaid Shelf, Mermaid Vanity, Mermaid Screen, Mermaid Lamp, Mermaid Bed, Mermaid Closet, Mermaid Sofa, Mermaid Dresser, Mermaid Chair, Mermaid Wall Clock, Mermaid Wall, Mermaid Flooring, Mermaid Rug, Mermaid Tiara, Mermaid Princess Dress (Blue), Mermaid Princess Dress (Pink), Mermaid Fish Dress (Blue), Mermaid Fish Dress (Pink), Mermaid Shoes (Blue), Mermaid Shoes (Pink), Shell Wand, 60 Pearls, 20 Giant Clams, 50 Sand Dollars, 20 Coral, 10 Cowries, 10 Conches, 10 Sea Snails, 30 Iron Nuggets, 30 Stones. Includes enough materials to make every recipe 4 times, with 30 pearls left over!

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Kate Weiss
Great as always!

Always super easy, fast, and friendly!

Heather King

Quick service

Amazing options, ludicrously fast delivery!

I’m so majorly impressed by my first experience with ACNH Studio; I can find literally anything I’m looking for and have it within 10 minutes, and there’s absolutely nothing I could ever criticize because this is a 10/10 top tier shopping experience <3

Sabrina Kavalski
Veteran animal crossing player! :D

I have gone to this website several times over the course of the past several months and I’m always left so happy! They deliver so quickly with all the items and always sleep cute little gifts or flowers once they finish up dropping off your items. Everyone is always super friendly!
All this is coming from a veteran animal crossing player since the Nintendo game cube days and I cannot recommend the shop enough!

Jessica Baker
Super quick and super nice :)

I've ordered twice from here and Kristen and Bella were so nice and fast with delivery. I will totally be using their service again in the future ♡

Mermaid - DIY Recipes + Clothing + Materials

Mermaid - DIY Recipes + Clothing + Materials

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