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Sanrio MEGA Bundle

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Bundle Includes: 1x Hello Kitty Hat, 1x Hello Kitty Tee, 1x Hello Kitty Shoes, 1x My Melody Hood, 1x My Melody Boots, 1x Kiki & Lala Pin, 1x Kiki & Lala Tee, 1x Kiki & Lala Socks, 1x Kiki & Lala Wand, 1x Kiki & Lala Shoes, 1x Pompompurin Hat, 1x Pompompurin Tee, 1x Pompompurin Boots, 1x Cinnamoroll Jacket, 1x Cinnamoroll Sneakers, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Outfit, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Tank Top, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Pin, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Socks, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Boots, 1x Hello Kitty Dress, 1x Cinnamoroll Hat, 1x Cinnamoroll Puffy Blouse, 1x Kiki & Lala Dress, 1x Pompompurin Outfit, 1x My Melody Dress, 1x My Melody Shirt, 1x Hello Kitty Wall, 1x Cinnamoroll Wall, 1x My Melody Wall, 1x My Melody Flooring, 1x Cinnamoroll Flooring, 1x Hello Kitty Flooring, 1x Colorful Rilla's Photo, 1x Pop Chai's Photo, 1x White Chelsea's Photo, 1x Hello Kitty Poster, 1x Cinnamoroll Poster, 1x My Melody Poster, 1x Hello Kitty Drawers, 1x Cinnamoroll Table, 1x Cinnamoroll Parasol, 1x Cinnamoroll Signage, 1x Cinnamoroll Stool, 1x Cinnamoroll Tray, 1x My Melody Table, 1x My Melody Dresser, 1x My Melody Chair, 1x My Melody Clock, 1x My Melody Bed, 1x Hello Kitty Clock, 1x Hello Kitty Chair, 1x Hello Kitty Table, 1x Hello Kitty Bed, 1x Hello Kitty Planter, 1x Cinnamoroll Sofa, 1x Cinnamoroll Rug, 1x Hello Kitty Rug, 1x My Melody Rug, 1x Rilla's Poster, 1x Chai's Poster, 1x Chelsea's Poster, 1x Pompompurin Wall, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Wall, 1x Kiki & Lala Wall, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Flooring, 1x Kiki & Lala Flooring, 1x Pompompurin Flooring, 1x Dark Wood Marty's Photo, 1x Pastel Étoile's Photo, 1x Silver Toby's Photo, 1x Pompompurin Poster, 1x Kiki & Lala Poster, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Poster, 1x Kiki & Lala Clock, 1x Kiki & Lala Table, 1x Kiki & Lala Sofa, 1x Kiki & Lala Cloud Maker, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Hallway, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Tray, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Snack, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Lantern, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Bridge, 1x Kiki & Lala Bed, 1x Pompompurin TV, 1x Pompompurin Pudding, 1x Pompompurin Table, 1x Pompompurin Rack, 1x Pompompurin Chair, 1x Pompompurin Bed, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Doll, 1x Kerokerokeroppi Rug, 1x Kiki & Lala Rug, 1x Pompompurin Rug, 1x Marty's Poster, 1x Étoile's Poster, 1x Toby's Poster

Customer Reviews

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molly ziebell
As always, awesome team!

I really appreciate being able to restart and grab things I'd need to get started right away. I've restarted a few times now and ACNH Studio helped me get the ball rolling again!

Kennedy Bishop
Bells and Sanrio!!

It was so fast and so many cute presents!! I love it and will order again!!

Jacqueline Eskew
Super quick

Very fast delivery. Everything’s great!

Taylor Tilghman
Awesome service!

Fast delivery, extra gifts everything as pictured! So happy thank you!!

So fast and amazing!

The person I got was so nice and the service was literally the fastest EVER. Thank you!!!

Sanrio MEGA Bundle

Sanrio MEGA Bundle

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